Trimmer with Workstation

Electric trimmer with workstation


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19 ” electric trimmer with Workstation and speed regulator.
An effective and well-made machine suitable for all types of growers: both for those who have to quickly clean a few plants and for those who have a large production and want to save time and effort with a machine with a very good value for money.

Equipped with a speed regulator (3 speed) it allows you to clean your plants before drying, considerably speeding up cleaning times compared to manual; without too much effort, results of about 1Kg per hour are obtained.

The Trimmer with WorkStation allows you to clean the branch even if large and healthy, without having to chop it first; all this in a simple and safe way: just pass the flowering branch on the metal grid and rotate it so that the blades cross the entire surface of the plant.

You will find all the sacred in the collection bag and can be used for other purposes.

Technical data of the trimmer
Assembled machine: 46x46x64.5cm;
Material: aluminum and steel;
Steel grating with 6.35mm slot.

Contains 6 spare metal blades

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