Remo Grow 1lt

3 part base nutrient from Remo. Bottle of  1lt.


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3 of the best ways to provide a nutrient foundation for your plants.

Remo’s Micro, Grow, and Bloom bring a quality and simplicity to your garden. Our proprietary blend of macro and micronutrients provide your plants with the foundation needed to achieve maximized yield.

We only use pharmaceutical grade minerals, marine extracts and the finest chelates to ensure consistency and pH balance.

Can be used in soil, soilless and hydroponic gardens.

Vegetative: From 1,32ml/lt up to 2,1ml/lt
Flowering: Don’t apply

Analysis Grow:

Nitrogen(N): 2%
(2% Nitrate nitrogen)
Phosphate P2O5 (P): 3%
Potash K2O (K): 5%
Magnesium (Mg):1%
Boron (B): 0.02%
Manganese (Mn): 0,05%
Zinc (Zn):0,05%

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