Dark Propagator v4 DP90 (1.20×0.60×1.90)

Prppagator grow tent. Suitable for clones and seedlings. Size: 120cm x 60cm x 190cm


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Propagation grow tent by Secret jardin.

Revision R4.00
Weight 19.8kg
Dimensions 120cm x 60cm x 190cm
Water Tray 1x WT120.60
Ducting Flange 2x Support Ø160mm
1x Connector Ø100mm
1x Light Baffle
Video : https://youtu.be/DBKqdZAMPUc
Cable Flange 2x CF7 Ø70mm
Video : https://youtu.be/icJU7srr5xI
Handling 1x Lighting holders and filter included, supporting up to 10kg
Length : 120cm
Accessories included 30x CableIT – Clips for cables and nets
Others acccessories (not included) Rubber Duct : https://youtu.be/6NsAWXqrh9Y
PatchIT : https://youtu.be/G2_FPZ2xL_o
WARNING Have your electrical installation checked by a professional in case of doubt.
Refer to the document FIRE AND VENTILATION for more information.
Lighting Advised (Intensive Grow) 4x TLED 26W
Volume Tent 1.4m3
Extraction advised HPS/HOT (Every 30 to 60 sec) :
Extraction 80m3/h

LED/COLD (Every 1 to 2 min) :
Extraction 40m3/h


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