TD SILENT TD-1000/200 – Φ200 800m³h

Silent inline fan 200mm / 1000m3/h


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S&P TD-800/200 SILENT ECOWATT Model,

Max Airflow – 800 m3/h
Motor Power – 70 Watts
Absorbed Current – 0.66 Amps
Weight – 8.7 Kgs
Temperature Range: -20*C up to + 40*C
IP Rating – IP44
Noise: 18-19db

Low profile “Mixed-flow” silent inline fans with sound-absorbent insulation, extremely quiet, fan casing manufactured in plastic material, with a specially designed internal skin to direct the sound waves at the right angle for them to be captured by sound-absorbent material, fitted with flexible rubber seals on the inlet and outlet to absorb vibrations, with an external connection box, a body that can be removed without dismantling the adjacent ducting and therefore facilitating any installation or maintenance. Brushless EC motor, high efficiency and low consumption, suitable for single phase supply 230V±15%/50-60Hz, IP44, thermal overload protection.

Fan speed 100% adjustable with the potentiometer placed in the connection box or with an external control type REB-ECOWATT. Analogue input with terminals in the terminal box to control the fan with 0-10V input signal.
Models are suitable for mounting in any orientation and operation within ambient air temperatures between -20ºC up to +40ºC.
On-Board Trickle and boost functionality on the TD-350/100-125 SILENT ECOWATT and the TD-500/150-160 SILENT ECOWATT

Suitable for any kind of ventilation application where the noise level of the ventilation system is of particular importance and, due to continuous operation, a significant energy saving is desirable. It is also suitable for applications that require a Demand Controlled Ventilation System involving the use of other sensors or controls.

Product doesn’t include power cable

Please pay attention while connecting the cables at low speed. Huge danger of malfunction

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