Mixed-Flow Inline Fan – 200mm 840m³h – 2 Speed

2 speed RAM ventilation designed for silent air flow


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Mixed-flow inline silent fan by Ram


Establishing proper ventilation in your grow room or growing area is an integral part of designing your room. Sufficient ventilation is critical for growing nearly any plants for a multitude of reasons. For one, temperature and humidity are very important conditions to control and proper ventilation will go hand in hand with those and other important environmental conditions. Other issues that proper ventilation help with are disease and odor control, as well as providing what is known amongst indoor growers as fresh air exchange. Simply put, proper ventilation is very important if you take your harvests seriously.

Size Op. temp range Protection class Impeller Power consumption Current (A) RPM Airflow Power consumption Current (A) RPM Airflow
100mm -20⁰C – 50⁰C IP44 ABS 23W 0.12 1850 165m3/hr 26w 0.11 2200 200m3/hr
125mm -20⁰C – 50⁰C IP44 ABS 28w 0.12 1850 248m3/hr 33w 0.11 2250 284m3/hr
150mm -20⁰C – 50⁰C IP44 ABS 44w 0.23 1850 410m3/hr 54w 0.2 2550 530m3/hr
200mm -20⁰C – 50⁰C IP44 ABS 123w 0.57 1950 690m3/hr 128w 0.52 2450 840m3/hr

Power cable is not included

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