Essences and Plants Extracts VIVERE-FYT 50m

Special mix with essences and plants extract for plant protection from insects, fungus, bacteria and nematodes


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Chemical composition:
Organic Nitrogen (Ν) 2%
Basil oil 0,06%
Carnation oil 0.08%
Karanja oil 5,8%
Calcium (CaO) 0,4%
Magnesium (Mg0) 0,2%
Fe, Ζn, Μn, Cu 0,02%
Άζωτο Οργανικό (Ν) 2%
Έλαιο βασιλικού 0,06%
‘Ελαιο γαρυφάλλου 0,08%

For prevention: 5ml/lt by foliar.
In case of attack : 7ml/lt

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