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Flower booster by Cannabiogen. Pack of 150ml


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Increases the crucial protein and enzyme activity of your plant

Delta 9 by CannaBioGen: increases the crucial protein and enzyme activity for the biosynthesis of active nutrients.

CannaBioGen R&D has developed DELTA NINE. It is a revolutionary product consisting of three substances which contribute naturally in living organisms, from the pharmaceutical industry and devoid of phytotoxicity. The DELTA NINE synergy acts as a bioestimulant of the natural processes of the metabolism of the plants WITHOUT ALTERING IT, increasing a very specific and crucial protein with enzymatic activity for the biosynthesis of active elements.

In order to provide the plants with the adequate resources to develop, stimulate and promote other directly related bioprocesses (storage, cofactors of organic and inorganic substrate, enzymes, essential amino acids, etc.), we have added a pure Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed extract of species.

CannaBioGen R&D has tested various commercial algae products of this species, selecting those which are most suitable because of the quality and richness of the bioactive components and nutrients from crops from the richest waters in the North Atlantic.

The dosage and proper treatment naturally provide more than 60 macro and micro nutrients, carbohydrates, amino acids and growth promoters to increase the yield, flowering, quality and vigour of the plant  without compatibility problems or excesses.


How to use

At least THREE applications are needed but preferable FOUR, TWO by way of foliar spraying of the leaves and stems of the plants and TWO in the soil, or any substrate medium (including in the water of the hydroponic systems) to be absorbed by the roots using a sprinkler or drip. It is a perfect substitute for fertilizer. However, its exclusive use as such makes the production and harvest more expensive. Therefore, it should be used complementarily with the usual dose of other fertilizers.

Foliar Application:

Two applications; the first of which will consist of 4-6 ml per litre of non-calcareous water in the prefloral stage (a week prior to flowering) by spraying the entire plant. The second 10 days after flowering has begun (10-15 days between each application), with the same dosage.

Application in soil and hydroponics:

Applied in the beginning of the flowering phase in the peak floral stage (thirty days after flowering has approximately begun) with a dose of 4-6 millilitres per litre of non-calcareous water in both cases, and a third application of 6 – 8 ml/litre at 15 days after the previous application (45 days after flowering has started).

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