Complete soil Universal 10lt

Potting soil ideal for indoor and outdoor plants


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Special potting soil made of black and blond peat is ideal for indoor and outdoor plants as it is enriched with German fertilizer (N-P-K) micro elements and calcium carbonite in an absolute homogeneous way for th ideal growth of your plants.

Ideal for :
Indoor plants, Annual outdoor plants, Perennial plants, Sowing-Installation of new lawn.

Transplant your plants, or add Universal in large pots and flower stands, without any other additives. The ideal seasons for you to transplant is Spring and Autumn. the plants take all they need for the first 4 weeks from the soil, so no further need for feeding in necessary. after 4 weeks start feeding every 15-20 days, depends on the species.


White peat
black peat


perlite: 5-10%

Organic matter: 80%
Dry matter: 35%
Added innorganic fertilizer: 1.5kg/m³
Added calcium carbonate: 3-5kg/m³

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