ADJUST-A-WINGS Cool Tube Conversion kit

Adjust-A-Wing cool tube conversion kit


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This kit allows you to attach a Cooltube to your Adjust a Wings reflector; without these specific pieces it’s practically impossible to do.

You’ll be able to remove more heat from your growing area thanks to the Cooltube now attached to your Adjust a Wings reflector.

You can get the conversion kit on its own if you already have a Cooltube, although we also sell kits with cooltubes in various sizes so that you can get it all in one spot; it’s cheaper than buying them separately.

It’s super easy to put together; the pieces only fit in one spot, although if you ever have any questions or issues putting it together you can always give our customer service line a call and we’ll do our best to help you out.

You’ll be able to make the most out of the cooltube, lowering temperatures by up to 3°C in your grow tent or room. Alongside an Adjust a Wings reflector, cooltubes make for one of the most efficient grow set-ups.

You’ll notice a notable improvement in your final yield and plant quality in general if you use this kit.


Kit is suitable for cool tubes 125mm and 150mm.

And fits in Medium and Large series only.

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